Travel Maps of Cuba

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Map of Cuba is an interactive map of Cuba which allows you to find everything you need for your holidays on the island. Our map is a free online service developed, published and owned by Nigel Hunt, the owner of Cubaism Ltd, a tour operator and travel agency specialised in Cuba.
About Cuba
Cuba is in the Caribbean Sea, located at the entrance of the Mexican Gulf, only 365 Km south of Miami, Florida, USA. Salsa, cigars, rum, mojito, revolution, Che Guevara, daiquiri, Ernest Hemingway and beaches (Check for icon for the beach in Cuba on the map to find the locations of the Cuban Beaches) all have helped to enhance the reputation of this Caribbean island around the world. Its capital and largest city, Havana, has a population of more than 2 million.
It is known for its famous 8 Km sea front Avenue, El Malecon, where you can enjoy the local Cuban atmosphere and admire magnificent sunsets. Around 150 km East of "La Ciudad de la Habana", the peninsula of Varadero, part of the Matanzas province, is considered a tourist resort town with more than 20 km of white sandy beaches.
The "Pearl of the Caribbean" also conceals heavenly places where the nature, untouched by human hands, will immerse you in a daydream from which you will never want to leave.
The small cay of Cayo Levisa, one of these heavenly paradises, is located in the province of Pinar del Rio and only accessible by boat (2 per day), where the use of vehicles are forbidden.
On the South-East of Isla de la Juventud you will find Cayo Largo, the ideal place if you wish to spend your holidays on a quiet and isolated white beach.
You can also enjoy 5-star hotels and paradisiac beaches, in the archipelago de la Reina north Cuba, where a perfect blend of nature, preservation and comfort are there for your pleasure.
Location map of Cuba
Our interactive Cuban maps are easy to use. They are divided into six different categories which cover every aspect of travel within the Pearl of the Caribbean.

Hotels icon for 1-star hotel  icon for 2-star hotel  icon for 3-star hotel  icon for 4-star hotel  icon for 5-star hotel

You will find here almost all the hotels, resorts and "campismos" available in Cuba.
They are organised by star ratings, from 1-star (yellow icon) for an economic stay, to the 5-star hotels (red icon) for the best comfort and amenities. So now, you just need to decide where you want to go. The magical Havana host most of the famous hotels like the Hotel Iberostar Parque Central, the Hotel Gran Caribe Inglaterra or the Hotel Saratoga. You can also opt for hotels away from the haste of the capital. On the white sand beach of Cayo Coco several hotels welcome you with the best confort like the Hotel Melia Cayo Coco or the Hotel Memories Caribe Beach Resort. If you prefer the green nature of Cuba, the Hotel Gaviota Los Helechos located in Topes de Collantes or the Hotel Horizontes Los Jazmines with a view on the Mogotes of Vinales are the perfect choice. The Island of Cuba being diversified you can also choose to stay in the Hotel Brisas Trinidad Del Mar with direct access to the beach of Playa Ancon and only 30min away from the gorgeous colonial city of Trinidad, protected by UNESCO. Or in the Hotel Gaviota Villa Maguana with an ocean view, only few steps from the mountain and the jungle of the Alejandro de Humboldt National Park, one of the UNESCO natural park of the Island. Each icon is clickable, giving access to pictures and a direct link for availability and direct booking services with Cubaism Ltd.
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Transport icon for international airport  icon for domestic airport  icon for carhire office  icon for petrol station

This is where you can locate and get information about car rental offices, airports, and petrol stations.
Car rental offices Rex, Havanautos and Cubacar are all represented, with a direct link to Cubaism website for you to easily make your reservation online.
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Eat & Drink icon for restaurant  icon for bar  icon for cabaret  icon for nightclub  icon for Cafe

For the last few years, Cubans have been allowed to developed private restaurants, the "paladars". You can now have almost every type of cuisine you want in Havana.
You will also be able to find salsa bars, nightclubs and cabaret like the famous "Tropicana" for your evening party, even a traditional British pub. We have also recently added the locations of the Café, patisseries, Dulcería and even Ice-cream parlour. Don't forget to click on the icons to get their names and descriptions! Access "Eat & Drink" Map...

What to do  icon for museum  icon for point of interest  icon for diving center  icon for surfing site  icon for marina  icon for UNESCO  icon for UNESCO national park  icon for protected area  icon for today events

This is one of the biggest categories of our map. There are so many things to do and visits in Cuba.
Here, you will get the chance to spot the locations of marinas, diving centres and surfing sites.
Cuba, being rich in history and the arts, we have also listed museums (like the museum of Tobacco, the "Museo de Bellas Artes" or the Rum Museum), the UNESCO world Heritage sites (Old Havana and its fortification, Trinidad and the Valley de los Ingenios, Urban Historic Centre of Cienfuegos, San Pedro de la Roca Castle), some of the best cathedrals and churches all around the country and places related to the revolution or Che Guevara and Fidel Castro.
In terms of nature, the Cuban National and UNESCO Parks offer preservation of the endemic species of fauna and flora, like the Cuban Hummingbird and the orchid.
The locations of points of interest will help you to select an activity. Visit the different caves or tobacco plantations of the Vinales Valley, go Bass fishing in the lake Zaza, swim with dolphins or get that rush of adrenaline with skydiving over the Varadero peninsula, spend your day playing golf or relaxing on a boat tour on the Cuban rivers, and even learn more about sea turtles and Cuban crocodiles by visiting local farms.
Finally, we have the today's events for you to know what's going on in Cuba. Every day, "Cuba What's On" is selecting for you the best events in Cuba. Music concerts, theatres, fairs, arts exhibitions, sports events, dance show, rum tour, cigars tour, festivals, carnivals... you name it.
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Weather  icon for sunny weather  icon for cloudy weather  icon for rainy weather

Being in the Caribbean means sun, blue skies and high temperatures. Cuba has an average of 24C all year round. June is the hottest month in Havana (but the wettest) where the temperature can reach up to 35C, and January the "coldest" with 20C.
You can check within this section if you can expect some refreshing shower.
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Yes, there are hurricanes in Cuba, but not that often, so don't be afraid!
They generally start to form in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and then move west. They lose intensity before arriving at Cuban shores, due to their path over the French Antilles and Dominican Republic. But sometimes their trajectory or intensity is such that they arrive in Cuba loaded with strong winds and torrential rains.
There is a "Hurricane season" from August to October, but some years it can be extended to as long as June to November.
Keep an eye on this section if you want to know the trajectory, path and intensity of future hazards.
Note: If nothing is display on the map, that's mean you are safe, no hurricanes or tropical storms are expected.
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