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This site is a free online service developed, published and owned by Nigel Hunt. He first travelled to Cuba as a tourist in the winter of 1999. And fell in love.. On his return he established many free Cuba information websites, including this one, and
Later his focus switched to and and in 2003 Cubaism Ltd was born.
To this day the basic philosophy is for our people to be very knowledgable about just Cuba, and to provide lots of useful free information.
We are now a bunch of Cuba's afficionados who are trying to give special attention to it's content details, making it one of the most accurate interactive map of Cuba.

The maps are in constant development. Cuba is a country in mutation since the United Sates decided to ease its relations with its old enemy and every part of the country are improving their tourists' amenities. So this mean there is always something to improve, add or updates. A lot of work for us, but we love that!
If by any chance you discover any errors or incaccurancies while using our service, please do not hesitate to contact us so we can maintain this site high standard of content.

If you wish to contact us, please send an email to , our chef Map Maker.

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Cubaism Ltd
Cubaism is a travel agency and a tour operator specialised in Cuba since 2003. With an office in London and in Havana, they handle over 13 000 pax each year and can organize evertything for you on the island.

Cuba Directo
Cuba Directo is a Cuba's online shop. They deliver worlwide a large range of books and maps about Cuba. They also have in stock delicious 100% Cuban coffee like the famous Cubita.

Cuba What's On
Cuba What's On is our "newbie". Launched in 2015, this website is dedicated to any type of events in Cuba. Where ever you go, Havana, Trinidad, Santiago de Cuba, or Holguin they might have in their list something for you.